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The face of the front yard and the corridor of the house is often forgotten given a touch of beauty, even though every day we pass through this area. Do not be ignored because the yard and corridor of the house is a place that is no less important than part of your home. The friends or relatives who visit will surely be amazed by the beautiful appearance. You will definitely feel satisfied and happy if your residence is so beautiful.

If there is material that will never look bad in a garden that adorns the entrance, it is definitely wood. The warm atmosphere produced by this wood element is certainly very harmonious compared to your garden and flowers.

Showing a green or tropical impression on a house can certainly be done from the beginning of the occupant or the visitor entering the house. Entrance to the residence can give an initial impression for visitors about the residential house. As we know, the first impression is of course quite important because it can show the overall appearance of the desired home. By designing a tropical entrance area, of course, the impression of green is the main attraction. Here is the idea of ​​a green entry area that can inspire your home.

At the entrance of this one residential house, the Asian style looks visible on the roof. With a wide roof and two leaves of the entrance, the course makes the entrance area look quite attractive. Not only that, the ponds and walkways that are made quite unique give a natural impression on the front of the house. The bluish-clear color of the water and growing plants present a soothing and refreshing green tropical space.

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Shown with modern dwellings, the front area of ​​this house can also be a simple inspiration for homeowners. The path to the front door of the house is decorated with wooden boards interspersed with green grass. Do not stop at that, on both sides of the road there are various shady and beautiful ornamental plants to compliment this area. The diversity of plants gives a non-boring look at the residential entrance area.

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