10 Beautiful Minimalist House Designs That Will Fascinate You

Fantastic Minimalist House

Lately, minimalist home design ideas have become the housing model trend that many dream of.

No wonder, because the architectural design for a minimalist home model can be placed or built with a fairly limited place. Type of home design with a minimalist concept seems to answer the problem of many people who have limited land, especially in big cities.

In addition, many property developers also sell minimalist homes at affordable prices, so that more and more people are tempted to have a residential with a minimalist architectural style.

Minimalist House Facade
Minimalist House Facade

At first, the minimalist style house model was indeed inspired by the ‘minimalist’ lifestyle originating from Japan, namely Zen. The person who introduced this type of architecture was John Pawson, a British architect who had lived in Japan for a long time.

Now you know, maybe some of you hear the meaning too often. Yes, the Zen lifestyle focuses on simplicity, environmental harmony, peace of mind, physical health, and natural balance.

The principle of life is what then also has an impact on the style of building they use. This type of Zen life assumes that if there is less furniture or objects around us, it will also calm one’s life. This is because it is influenced by minimalist concept home models that prioritize simple and harmonious types.

Thereare so many who have a minimalist home that only cares about appearance, but does not pay attention to the rules in designing a place to live.

That’s actually fine, but for some architects, it’s better if you design a minimalist residence in accordance with the lifestyle rules where this type of minimalist architecture originated.

From the exterior, minimalist style dwelling has very distinctive signs. One of them, the use of the roof in a minimalist home design that leaning flat, or tilted but rather gently sloping. Having wide openings and not forgetting horizontal or vertical lines which are really firm.

What kind of beautiful minimalist home designs that you can apply? Come see immediately!

Beautiful Minimalist House Designs That Will Fascinate You

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