12 Most Popular Terrarium Design Ideas You Have To Know

Air Plant Mason Jar Terrarium

A terrarium is one of the modern flower pots that are now popular because it gives the impression of fresh natural plants in a unique and beautiful home. A terrarium is also an alternative to growing plants if the house does not have soil to plant. Various sizes you can make the right choice to create a beautiful mini indoor garden. Terrarium itself in terms of care can indeed be said to be very easy because it does not need a very difficult effort to keep it fresh.

In general, the terrarium is placed in a glass container so that its beauty can be seen. With a variety of variations which of course you can choose, starting from the coastal style, using mason jars or large glass bowls. You can make your own terrarium plant ideas with various shapes according to your wishes. If you want to have it at home. Let’s look at the following terrarium ideas.

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