7 Beautiful Minimalist Storage Designs For Your Minimalist Home

Minimalist Storage Ideas

Are you looking for ways to make your room not narrow anymore? The longer we stay at home, the more things we have. In fact, the available space is quite limited and does not increase in size with the increase of goods. Therefore we must think of the idea of ​​storing goods at home.

To get a good room aesthetics, this room must also get more attention from you. However, there are still many who find it still difficult to find ways to organize a messy room so that it is neater.

Most homes do not have a storage area that suits their residents’ needs. In fact, different families, of course different habits. Automatically, the activities carried out in each room will also be different. Supposedly, storage of goods also follows the types of activities contained in the room.

Minimalist Storage Ideas
Minimalist Storage Ideas

However, outside its main purpose, which is to make it easy to find, even a good storage area can help you free up your vision, expand space, save space, and make it function more efficiently. Therefore, to present a storage area, you can use the corners of the “rest” in each room.

Moreover, the room you have is not too big. Of course, this can be tricked by organizing neatly and regularly using some minimalist storage items that we will show below.

One idea is to create a storage area using a wall area. Give a little touch by putting an open shelf on the wall. This shelf will help you store items such as books, magazines, DVDs or other space accessories.

Certainly not just shelves or storage cabinets that can take place. Then, what kind of storage?

Beautiful Minimalist Storage Designs For Your Minimalist Home

Bedroom Storage Designs
This bedroom design looks comfortable with large storage that allows you to store a lot of things in the room.

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Beautiful Minimalist Storage Designs
Look at this minimalist storage design, as if floating without a buffer, but makes the family room look elegant. Moreover, supported by a neat arrangement.

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Living Room Storage Designs
This one storage design looks amazing with the idea of a box bulkhead that lets you store lots of stuff in the living room.

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Minimalist Bookshelf Storage
This book storage design looks elegant with distinctive colors from a minimalist design. Are you interested to try it?

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Stunning Minimalist Kitchen Storage
No less with other rooms, this kitchen storage design looks elegant with an overall black color that is synonymous with a sweet impression to be seen.

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Under Stairs Storage
For those of you who have stairs at home, you can build storage items right underneath. Minimalist impression comes from storage under this ladder, namely from the simplicity of the design that is not much variation. Of course it’s comfortable to see.

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Wooden Wall Shelves
Are you creative? Try creating your own item storage design without many patterns like this. Looks good and simple doesn’t it? Prove if you can!

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That’s 7 minimalist storage designs that we can do at home that does not have a large area. Enjoy exploring to decorate your home!

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