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6 Extraordinary Industrial Kitchen Wood Shelf Designs For Minimalist Kitchen

Industrial Minimalist Kitchen Shelf Ideas

Having a house with a minimalist design may become the dream of many people. Especially now that the interior design is getting more luxurious and able to pamper anyone. So you want to have your own house, right?

Now, talking about the minimalist industrial style, it’s good not to forget about the kitchen design. Not only the bedroom, living room, or bathroom, the kitchen design must also be considered. Apart from cleanliness, an attractive design must also be realized to make cooking at home more comfortable.

The kitchen design that will be discussed this time is the wooden shelf which is the main focus. Industrial-style wooden shelves that are currently in trend are usually installed extending to the kitchen wall. The advantage is that all items placed there will remain visible and are not potentially difficult to find. Take a look at the following references to industrial shelf design ideas!

Below are 6 Extraordinary Industrial Kitchen Wood Shelf Designs For Minimalist Kitchen

Industrial Kitchen Wall Shelves
Today, many new models that are sought by industrial shelf designers are unique and attractive in terms of wood composition, pipe, and shape. This model is very simple and suitable for your minimalist home.

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Industrial Kitchen Wood Shelving
Home designers, especially kitchen shelves, have their own challenges in making designs or designs for industrial shelves. The choice of wood shelf material is also very important for long wear resistance.

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Industrial Minimalist Kitchen Shelf Ideas
In addition to pipes, several elements such as metal become one of the sweeteners for wooden shelves that have an industrial impression in your minimalist kitchen. You can also try to make this industrial shelf yourself, you know!

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Industrial Urban Pipe Wood Shelves
Like the first shelf idea, Combining pipes with wood is the first thing to bring an industrial feel to your minimalist home. Of course, you will feel comfortable and easy to find cooking utensils or kitchen spices on this shelf.

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Minimalist Industrial Kitchen Shelf
The advantages of this industrial rack are that they are not too large but are able to accommodate a fairly heavy load. Moreover, the use of industrial shelves is very popular these days.

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Simple Kitchen Shelving Ideas
Choosing the design and model of industrial wood shelves must match your family’s dreams. The space factor must also be considered for the placement of shelves so that the kitchen does not feel cramped.

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One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to upgrade your kitchen is to install multiple top cabinets and replace them with shelves.

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