10 Best Chinese Lunar-themed Designs and Decorations for You to Have

Lunar themed decorations

Chinese New Year arrives, it’s time to clean the house and create a more lively atmosphere with a variety of typical Chinese New Year decorations. What decorations will you use this year?

Chinese New Year is also known as the Spring Festival. This celebration is the most important for the Chinese community. Every year the celebration is named after one of the twelve animals called the zodiac. And male metal mice become the bright zodiac in this Chinese New Year.

Decorating the house to enliven the new year is fun. With a variety of red concepts that are identical to the Chinese New Year, this house will feel festive and colorful. From decorative lanterns to fortune cookies to the right decorations to celebrate.

Chinese New Year Living Room
Chinese New Year Living Room

First, you can make simple Lunar flower arrangements from tree branches. Simply look for branches that are quite long and branched, then hang various Chinese New Year decorations ranging from paper lanterns, plastic flowers, angpaos, red ribbons, or other Chinese New Year decorations.

Chinese knot hanging accessories complete with “fu” characters on it, which means happiness and freedom suitable to be mounted on walls, ceilings or wooden boards in every corner of your living space.

However, what is the meaning of the new year month without the presence of mandarin oranges at the dinner table? A selection of mandarin oranges adorned with elegant lilies, place them on the dining table for guests and families.

Want to celebrate a more lively Chinese New Year? Start decorating your home with Chinese New Year decorations. Instead of being confused, glean and contemplate the inspirational inspiration of the following creative Chinese decorations to make the Chinese New Year celebration atmosphere more festive at home!

Best Chinese Lunar-themed Designs and Decorations for You to Have

Celebrate Chinese New Year
Celebrate Chinese New Year – source: pinterest.com.au
Chinese New year decoration
Chinese New year decoration – source: pinterest.co.uk
Chinese New Year Designs
Chinese New Year Designs – source: pinterest.co.uk
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Chinese wedding decorations – source: www.aliexpress.com
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Decorate Living Room For Chinese New Year – source: justhomedesign.com
DIY Paper Lanterns Ideas
DIY Paper Lanterns Ideas – source: embunarticle.blogspot.com
festive Chinese angpaos
festive Chinese angpaos – source: tokopedia.com
festive Chinese New Year red lantern
festive Chinese New Year red lantern – source: pinterest.com
Hanging decorations for Celebrations
Hanging decorations for Celebrations – source: diyloop.com
Lunar themed decorations
Lunar themed decorations – source: za.pinterest.com

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