Beautiful Wall Lighting Art Ideas For Your Home

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Creating a dramatic effect on the wall through lighting is an interesting idea. That way, the room no longer seems monotonous. Apart from being a lighting element, lighting on the walls can also be used as a decorative element that forms the atmosphere in the room. Lighting plays an important part of the indoor home and outdoor space of your house (outdoor). Besides its main purpose as lighting, the lamp can also be used for decoration with several unique designs.

So, you can choose some wall decoration art decorations and can immediately change the look of the walls that seem plain, normal, so through this post, I want to show you some lighting decoration ideas.

Wall lighting is becoming increasingly popular nowadays and is very useful when you have limited narrow space. Although ordinary plain lights can also be made with the same purpose, you don’t need to hesitate to choose some wall lighting art to attract all the attention.

This allows some wooden decorations, such as pallets, driftwood or branches that feature lights or even you can add some to the background of wood.

Patio Lighting Ideas Outdoor Decorations Backyard Lighting
Patio Lighting Ideas Outdoor Decorations Backyard Lighting –

There are 3 types of lighting that can be used in a room, namely:

General lighting, lighting to illuminate the room as a whole. It can be obtained through sunlight or artificial light such as lights. Lamps generally placed in the middle of the room so that all areas in the room get enough light.

Task lighting, lighting to support special activities, such as reading, studying, or household activities. This type of lighting is usually in the form of lights that focus on certain areas.

Accent lighting, lighting to create a decorative impression, for example, to bring out dramatic effects. Usually used to illuminate certain objects that have special values ​​such as paintings or other works of art.

Thank you for reading this article, may it be useful for you to provide inspiration or ideas about beautiful wall lighting ideas.

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